Meet Ocasion

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We connect through food as a culture and a family

We believe that the heart of each home starts in the kitchen. We believe in stories worth celebrating. We value moments of joy shared over food and good company, and we aim to bring you more of these memories through our collection of premium knives and cutlery.

What sets us apart

As a  Chef, Alex has traveled the world working in kitchens and exploring culture and design.  From humble beginnings in  Toronto, Canada, where he began his culinary career working in Hotels to traveling to South and East Asia, Europe and Latin America exploring various cultures and cuisine learning what it is that brings people closer together.  Through out his travels and experiences, he discovered a passion for quality knives and insight into how art, design and a simple meal shared between friends or strangers could help bridge the gap between us. To celebrate, to enjoy, and to love each other through the food we share.  With that vision in mind, he created Ocasion.

  Traditional Crafts Meet New Technology

 Our knives and cutlery are known for their exquisite beauty and ultra-premium performance. Yet as beautiful as Ocasion products are aesthetically, the true beauty is in the story each products brings to your home.  A story that we want to share with you. Each and every Ocasion item, from our Flatware to our Kitchen Knives, is a unique project, researched, sustainably built and inspired by historical designs, than developed  and refined just like a work of art.

 We intentionally seek for designs that transcend passing trends and remain as timeless as they are stylized. We believe in durable items that will last for years, not only physically, but also aesthetically.

In short, our designs, traditional crafting and high quality, and affordable pricing are how we celebrate the traditions you create in your home.

adimina OCASION (1).png__PID:d771576e-473a-4036-a4f5-aba45bb21223Our Knives

At Ocasion quality control is second to none.

Our meticulous professionals check each knife for both precision and finish. We ensure the angles of our hand-sharpened blades are accurate using advanced machinery. Then we go a step further, sending our knives to independent testing laboratories to guarantee each Ocasion Knife meets our demanding specifications. This third-party testing ensures that Ocasion steel and hardness, sharpness as well as processing and finishing is what we say it is.   

 Our Flatware

 Designed in Europe and New York. Forged, fired, and hand-crafted in Europe & Asia.  

Ocasion believes in simple, timeless, and functional designs with minimalist mindset. We are motivated by a common vision to create products that are as enjoyable as they are functional. We want to bring a sense of excitement, style and joy to the everyday moments beyond just ‘special occasions’. From hosting your friends, cooking your favorite recipe or your ‘almost’ famous pasta on date night, to a simple meal enjoyed by yourself, we want Ocasion products to be a daily part of everyone's story