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3 Piece Premium Damascus Steel Knife Set (Abalone Series)

3 Piece Premium Damascus Steel Knife Set (Abalone Series)

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 Key Features

This versatile 3 piece set includes an 8" Chef Knife,  7" Nakiri Knife and a 3.5" Fruit Knife. It will cover most requirements in your kitchen from thicker cuts to a fine dice,  julienne or peeling potatoes. 

Expertly hand forged with 67-layers of VG-10 Japanese Damascus steel and finished with a razor-sharp edge. The combination of the Damascus steel pattern with the stunning aesthetic of the triple riveted,  Abalone Shell patterned resin handle creates a functional and visual masterpiece.  

Uniquely and ergonomically constructed with a comfortable grip that enhances your cutting power and precision and brings joy to your kitchen.

Set Includes:
1 x  8" Chef Knife
1 x 7" Nakiri Knife 
1 x 3.5" Fruit Knife 
Core Hardness - 10CR15 oMoV
Overall Blade Hardness -  60±2 HRC
3 Piece Premium Damascus Steel Knife Set (Abalone Series)3 Piece Premium Damascus Steel Knife Set (Abalone Series)


  • Blade Material: 67-Layer Japanese Damascus Steel
  • Handle Material: Abalone Shell Handle
  • Characteristics: Sharp and durable

Set Includes:

1 x Chef Knife 8"

1 x Nakiri Knife 7"

1 x Fruit Knife 3.5"

Core Hardness - 10CR15 oMoV

Overall Blade Hardness - 60±2 HRC

Care Instructions

  1. Wash your knives by hand with water and mild dish soap immediately after use. Avoid soaking them for extended periods or using harsh abrasives, as this can damage the blades and handles.
  2. Thoroughly dry your knives with a soft cloth or towel after washing. Moisture can lead to rust and corrosion, so make sure they are completely dry before storing them.
  3. Store your knives in a safe and secure manner to prevent accidents and maintain their sharpness. Consider using a knife block, magnetic strip, or blade guards to protect the blades and keep them within easy reach.
  4. Always use a cutting board made of wood, bamboo, or plastic. Avoid cutting on hard surfaces like glass, granite, or ceramic, as they can dull the knife's edge.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bobby Y.

Bought them for my wife. Very sharp, handles well and balanced. Beautiful detailing.

June O.

Top Quality! Highly recommended. Fast.Delivery thank you!

Joanna C.

Lovely Set.

Nara T.

Great knves. Even more beautiful upclose

Rashi O.

Love these knives. Versitle enough for my needs. I dont cook a lot, but I will be now. ;)