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Diamond Steel Rod Knife Sharpener

Diamond Steel Rod Knife Sharpener

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Key Features

The Diamond Steel Rod Knife Sharpener corrects and realigns the edge of your blade without shaving much, if any, of the blade’s material. By "running the steel" along your blade, you can quickly restore a good deal of its original cutting performance and power. A must need tool for any serious home chef. 

The Diamond Sharpening Steel is designed to be used often.  Its diamond coating helps kitchen knives maintain an extremely fine sharpness by quickly restoring the edge to the blade.  In fact, this is the "go-to tool" that professional Chefs use regularly and many times when needing a quick sharpen before introducing a sharpening stone to the blade again.

It is very easy to use, right or left-handed with an ergonomic handle that fits all hands and is suitable for all types of knives.

Product Usage:
1. Place the plastic tip on the end of the sharpening rod on a solid surface. Apply lightly downward pressure to avoid slipping during use.
2. Place the heel of your blade at the top of the sharpening rod at preferred 20-degree angle. Sharpen the knife from heel to tip and repeat 2-3 times, then turn to the other side of the knife until the blade is sharp. 
3. Clean the knife with water or a wiper and dry it after use. Clean the knife sharpener with a non-abrasive brush.
    Diamond Steel Rod Knife Sharpener


Product Details:

Full length:
34.7 cm

Rod length:
23 cm

Rod width:
2.2 cm (The widest point)

Blade thickness:
2.2 mm

Net weight:
380 g

Handle length:

Material :
Alloy Steel

Care Instructions

After each use, clean the knife sharpening rod thoroughly to remove any metal shavings or debris. A damp cloth or sponge with a mild soap should suffice. Make sure to dry the rod completely before storing it.

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Customer Reviews

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Aron L.

I love this Diamond Sharpening Rod… it feels great in the hand and has some weighty feel and does an excellent job of keeping a keen edge on my kitchen & hunting knives